The following allergens are present in the menu items listed


Celery/Celeriac  None.


Gluten  All Sushi, All Gyoza, All Dim Sum,  All Noodle dishes, Udon Noodles, All Katsu dishes, All Teriyaki dishes, Sweet & Spicy Edamame, Kare Pan, Chukawakame, Aubergine miso, Miso soup, All Fried Dishes, All Donburi dishes.


Crustaceans  Shumai, All Dim Sum, Prawn Gyoza, Soup Noodles with Prawn Tempura, Shrimp Yakisoba, Scallop Mushroom, Seafood Bento, Unagi Bento, Takoyaki, Ebi Katsu, All Donburi dishes.


Eggs  Tamago Sushi, Ice Cream, Mushipan, All the Katsu dishes, Potato salad, Noodle Dishes, Siu Mai.


Fish  All sushi & sashimi dishes, Bento Boxes, Katsu Curry, All Gyoza, All Dim Sum, All Noodles except vegetarian, All Donburi dishes, Spicy soup, Takoyaki, Mackerel Katsu, Tokyo Fish & Chips.


Lupin  None.


Milk  All Tempura Dishes, Asparagus Dishes, Pumpkin Croquet, All Ice Cream, Doriyaki, Mushipan.


Molluscs  Sushi Namma, Sushi Sakura, Takoyaki, Prawn Gyoza, Shumai, Chicken Bao, Char Siu Bao, Scallop Dishes.


Mustard  Potato Salad


Nuts  Some of the items has been made in a factory that uses nut ingredients. Please check with our server.


Peanuts  Some of the items have been made in a factory that uses nut ingredients. Please check with our server.


Sesame  All Dishes.


Soya  All Noodles Dishes, All Teriyaki Dishes, All Katsu Dishes, All Gyozas, All Dim Sum, Sweet And Spicy Edamame, Nasu Miso, Chukawakame seaweed salad, Goma Chukawakame.


Sulphites or Sulphur Dioxide  All Noodles and Soup Noodles, All Teriyaki Dishes, Bento Boxes, Char Siu Bao.


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