Satori was founded by an architect who has been working on environmentally friendly projects for decades. At the outset we decided on a scientific approach to packaging rather than an aesthetic one:


  1. All packaging has to be fit for its purpose. One type of material is not suitable for the large variety of food Satori offers.

  2. All packaging has to be recyclable or biodegradable.

  3. The energy used in recycling is an important, often neglected factor. For example, polymers have a significantly lower melting point than aluminium meaning fossil fuels are not used in their recycling. 


These criteria ruled out corporate packaging, where all packaging follows the same materials and design. Form follows function, not the other way around!


After much experimentation we decided on the following packaging solutions:


Sushi - paper or card packaging is not suitable for sushi, it draws the moisture out of the rice. We use purpose made recyclable sushi boxes (#6 PS)


Rice dishes - insulated paper or card packaging is not suitable for curries or rice dishes as they expand at a different rate to the lids. We use recyclable polymer (#5 PS)


Soups and Sauces - paper cups with lids of the same material have the best insulation properties for liquids such as soups or sauces. We use coated paper cups with double insulated, ventilated lids.


Ramen and Donburi - we use the traditional Japanese donburi bowl (#6 PS) with the soup for ramen served separately in a large insulated paper cup.


For small, dry items we use foil lined paper bags.

Satori is sponsored by Hakutsuru, one of the oldest sake breweries in Japan.


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