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In Japan, miso soup is a warm drink to enjoy “with” almost any meal and we have four versions

Miso Soup with Nori Toasted Seaweed v £2.70

Miso Soup with Wakame Seaweed v £2.70

Miso Soup with Tofu v £2.70

Miso Soup blended with Clam £2.70


Edamame Beans v

Young soybeans in the pod, lightly seasoned with sea salt. Served chilled


Spicy Edamame Beans v

Young soybeans in the pod, lightly seasoned with sea salt and sichimi togarashi. Served chilled


Chukawakame Seaweed Salad v

Seasoned sesame seaweed salad from Japan


Japanese Mixed Salad v

Mixed leaves of all colours, wakame seaweed and sesame dressing


Japanese Kimchi Salad v

Japanese version of the Korean classic with courgettes and Chinese cabbage. Fermented dressing, refreshing and spicy


Hosomaki Sushi

Small, simple rolls with just one ingredient & wrapped in lightly seasoned rice & roasted seaweed. Hosomaki are loved by children.

Cucumber Maki (6) v £2.40

Avocado Maki (6) v £3.25

Salmon Maki (6) £3.95

Tuna Maki (6) £4.60

Nigiri Sushi

The rice is lightly seasoned with our own sushi vinegar mix, moist and slightly warmer than room temperature. The toppings are chilled and cut from the freshest fish of the day.

Tamago Egg Nigiri (2) v £2.40

Inari Sweet Tofu Nigiri (2) v £2.40

Salmon Nigiri (2) £3.80

Mackerel Nigiri (2) £3.80

Tuna Nigiri (2) £4.60

Unagi Grilled Eel Nigiri (2) £4.60

Ebi Prawn Nigiri (2) £3.60

Flamed Salmon Toro Nigiri (2) £6.75

Chumaki Sushi

Medium-sized rolls with the seaweed on the inside and the rice on the outside.

Salmon Avocado Chumaki (6) £8.65

Spicy Tuna Chumaki (6) £8.95

Spicy Salmon Chumaki (6) £8.85

California Roll Chumaki (6) £8.45

Unagi Freshwater Eel Chumaki (6) £9.20

Prawn Tempura Avocado Chumaki (6) £9.60

Futomaki Sushi

Large rolls with multiple ingredients. Try our signature dishes Aburi and Volcano with their generous fillings and the finishing touches.

Aburi (4)

Flamed salmon, snow crab leg, tiger prawn, avocado. House Speciality, only at Satori.


Volcano (4)

Snow crab leg, crispy prawn katsu, salmon, oshinko roll deep fried in tempura batter and finished with flamed spicy mayo. House Speciality, only at Satori.


Salmon Avocado Futomaki with Masago (4)


Salmon Avocado Cucumber Futomaki (4)


Temaki Sushi

Cone-shaped sushi with a selection of delicious fillings & a half sheet of crispy roasted nori seaweed on the outside

California Temaki with Alaskan Crab Leg £4.35

Salmon & Avocado Temaki £6.10

Spicy Tuna & Spring Onion Temaki £6.40

Unagi Sea Eel Temaki £6.10

Prawn Tempura Temaki £5.75

Special Soft Shell Crab Temaki £7.35

Special Prawn Tempura & Salmon Temaki £6.20


Our salmon is delivered whole from UK farms. Tuna and wild fish are numbered; can be traced to the very ship they came from and super-frozen below -60°C to destroy any bacteria before being delivered to us.

Sea Bass Sashimi (4 Slices) £6.75

Mackerel Sashimi (4 Slices) £6.55

Salmon Sashimi (4 Slices) £6.55

Tuna Sashimi (4 Slices) £6.95


Similar to sashimi but seared on the outside and coated with smoky chilli seasoning.

Sea Bass Tataki (4 Slices) £6.95

Salmon Tataki (4 Slices) £6.75

Tuna Tataki (4 Slices) £7.15

Salmon & Tuna Tataki (4 Slices) £6.95

Sushi Platters

Meal-sized combinations of one or more types of sushi & sashimi. Enjoy as a meal or share with friends

Rainbow Chumaki Platter

Alaskan snow crab leg, prawn tempura, cucumber & avocado inside out roll wrapped with tuna & salmon

(8 pieces)


Sashimi Kyoto

Salmon, tuna & one other fresh fish of the day

(12 pieces)


Dynamite Spider Roll Futomaki Platter

House speciality soft shell crab tempura with Japanese pickles, spring onions & our spicy sauce

(8 pieces)


Satori Sushi & Sashimi Party Set

Chef’s choice of sushi & sashimi from the freshest fish available today (48 pieces)


Satori Unagi Dragon Roll

Generous topping of grilled freshwater eel and filling of crispy prawn katsu, avocado and cucumber

(8 pieces)



Creamy and full of flavours, our curry dishes are served in a bento box with a Japanese side salad and a refreshing Japanese Kimchi. The curry sauce is supplied in a separate container.

Chicken Katsu Curry

Two chicken breast fillets in Japanese breadcrumbs served with curry sauce and rice, small side salad and kimchi salad.


Ebi Katsu Curry

Five very large tiger prawns in Japanese breadcrumbs served with curry sauce on rice, small side salad and kimchi salad


Pumpkin Katsu Curry v

Fried pumpkin croquets served with curry sauce on rice



A selection of traditional Japanese grills

Sesame Chicken (2 skewers)

Chicken goujons thin breast fillets grilled, brushed with teriyaki sauce, sesame seeds and spicy mayo.


Chicken Yakitori (2 skewers)

Grilled chicken thigh pieces brushed with Satori teriyaki sauce


Salmon (2 skewers)

Salmon fillet squares skewered and grilled, finished in teriyaki sauce.


Tuna (2 skewers)

Tuna loin square, grilled and brushed with spicy mayo


Hot Nibbles

A selection of some of our most popular small dishes to compliment your sushi experience

Pumpkin Croquet (2 pieces) v

Crispy sweet pumpkin patties coated in panko breadcrumbs


Takoyaki (3 pieces)

Battered dough balls with octopus and Japanese mayo



Gyozas (3 pieces)

Vegetable Gyoza v £3.00

Chicken Gyoza £3.95

Prawn Gyoza £4.15

Duck Springrolls (4 pieces)

Duck and vegetables wrapped and fried in pastry with Satori gyoza sauce


Vegetable Springrolls (4 pieces) v

Vegetables wrapped and fried in pastry with Satori gyoza sauce


Chicken Kara-Age (4 pieces)

Boneless chicken thigh pieces fried in crispy batter



Ebi Katsu (3 pieces)

Crispy tiger prawns coated in panko breadcrumbs


Steamed Rice v

Plain steamed rice


Sushi Rice v

Steamed rice with sushi seasoning




Satori’s own six-hour teriyaki sauce containing sake and mirin. Served in a bento box with a Japanese side salad and dressed broccoli.


Chicken Teriyaki £10.15

Salmon Teriyaki £12.55

Unagi Ju (freshwater eel) £15.70

Kids Meal Box

A selection of some of children's most favourites in bento boxes


Grilled Chicken

Sesame chicken mini fillet sticks (2), rice and salad, cucumber maki (3) and apple gyoza (2)


Grilled Salmon

Salmon cubes (6 pieces on skewers), rice and salad, cucumber maki (3) and apple gyoza (2)


Prawn Curry

Ebi Katsu (2), rice and salad, cucumber maki (3), apple gyoza (2) and curry sauce


Fried Chicken

Chicken Kara-Age (4), chips and apple gyoza (2)



A selection of classic Japanese sweets to enjoy after your meal.

Doriyaki Original

Japanese honey pancake with a sweet red bean paste filling, finished in chocolate sauce. Comes with a free sachet of sencha green tea.


Doriyaki Green Tea

Japanese matcha green tea pancake with a sweet red bean paste filling. Comes with a free sachet of sencha green tea.


Mushi Pan

A light and fluffy Japanese cheesecake. Mild and not too sweet. Comes with a free sachet of sencha green tea.



Two large Japanese rice cakes in green tea and strawberry flavours. Classic elastic texture and red bean paste filling to enjoy with a free sachet of sencha green tea.



The Flamed Salmon Collection


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