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Delicious sushi delivered to your home



Miso Soup with Nori Toasted Seaweed £2.50

Miso Soup with Wakame Seaweed £2.50

Miso Soup with Tofu £2.50

Miso Soup with Clam £2.50



Edamame Beans £3.15

Chukawakame Seaweed Salad £3.70

Green Salad (with wakame seaweed & sesame dressing) £3.15


Hosomaki Sushi

Small, simple rolls with just one ingredient & wrapped in lightly seasoned rice & roasted seaweed. Hosomaki are loved by children.


Cucumber Maki (6) £1.95

Avocado Maki (6) £2.95

Salmon Maki (6) £2.95

Tuna Maki (6) £2.95


Nigiri Sushi

Nigiri are bite sized, hand formed blocks of rice with a topping. 


Tamago Egg Nigiri (2) £2.15

Inari Sweet Tofu Nigiri (2) £2.15

Salmon Nigiri (2) £3.15

Mackerel Nigiri (2) £4.15

Tuna Nigiri (2) £4.15

Unagi Grilled Eel Nigiri (2) £4.15

Ebi Prawn Nigiri (2) £3.15

Flamed Salmon Toro Nigiri (2) £5.45


Chumaki Sushi

The slightly larger cousin of the hosomaki roll, usually with 2 or 3 ingredients. These medium sized rolls have the seaweed on the inside & the rice on the outside.

Salmon Avocado Chumaki (3) £4.15

Spicy Tuna Chumaki (3) £4.15

Spicy Salmon Chumaki (3) £4.15

California Roll with Crab Leg Chumaki (3) £4.15

Unagi Fresh Water Eel Chumaki (3) £4.15

Prawn Tempura Avocado Chumaki (4) £4.85


Futomaki Sushi

These are large rolls with multiple ingredients. At Satori we pride ourselves on our signature dishes Aburi & Volcano with their generous fillings & the finishing touches after they have been rolled.


Aburi Flamed Salmon Futomaki (2) £5.45

Volcano Spicy Fried Sushi (2) £5.45

Salmon Avocado Futomaki with Masago (2) £4.85

Salmon Avocado Cucumber Futomaki (2) £4.85

Poached Salmon Cucumber Pickled Onion (2) £4.85

Temaki Sushi

Temaki are cone-shaped sushi with a selection of delicious fillings & a half sheet of crispy roasted nori seaweed on the outside


California Temaki with Alaskan Crab Leg £4.15

Salmon & Avocado Temaki £5.75

Spicy Tuna & Spring Onion Temaki £5.75

Unagi Sea Eel Temaki £4.85

Prawn Tempura Temaki £4.85

Special Soft Shell Crab Temaki £5.95

Special Prawn Tempura & Salmon Temaki £5.45


Gunkan Sushi

These are beautiful parcels of nigiri-sized rice with a generous topping of fish eggs or chopped seasoned fish held together with crispy nori.


Salmon & Avocado Gunkan (2) £5.45

Masago Flying Fish Caviar Gunkan (2) £4.15

Spicy Tuna Gunkan (2) £5.45

Seaweed Gunkan (2 Pieces) £3.70



Cut from the larger prime fillets of fish and served on a bed of crispy shredded vegetables without rice. Best enjoyed chilled with a little soya sauce and wasabi


Sea Bream Sashimi (4 Slices) £5.45

Mackerel Sashimi (4 Slices) £4.85

Salmon Sashimi (4 Slices) £5.45

Tuna Sashimi (4 Slices) £6.45



Similar to sashimi but seared on the outside before cutting. Served with our own tataki sauce containing mirin, Japanese sweet rice wine. 


Sea Bream Tataki (4 Slices) £5.45

Salmon Tataki (4 Slices) £5.85

Tuna Tataki (4 Slices) £6.85

Salmon & Tuna Tataki (4 Slices) £6.35

Sushi Platters

Meal-sized combinations of one or more types of sushi & sashimi. Enjoy as a meal or share with friends


Rainbow Chumaki Platter

Alaskan snow crab leg, prawn tempura, cucumber & avocado inside out roll wrapped with tuna & salmon

(8 pieces)



Sashimi Kyoto

Salmon, tuna & one other fresh fish of the day

(12 pieces)



Sushi Sakura Moriawase

Assorted nigiri & maki  (13 pieces)



Dynamite Spider Roll Futomaki Platter

House speciality soft shell crab tempura with Japanese pickles, spring onions & our spicy sauce

(8 pieces)



Chirashi Sushi

Chef’s choice of the freshest prime sashimi served on a bed of sushi rice in a Donburi bowl  (16 pieces)



Satori Sushi & Sashimi Party Set

Chef’s choice of sushi & sashimi from the freshest fish available today  (48 pieces)



Satori Unagi Dragon Roll

With generous topping of warm unagi & filling of prawn tempura, avocado, cucumber (8 pieces)


Hot Nibbles

A selection of some our most popular small dishes to compliment your sushi experience


Kare Pan (2)

Japanese curry bread with crispy panko on the outside & a juicy curry filling inside.



Pumpkin Croquet (2)

Crispy sweet pumpkin patties coated in panko breadcrumbs



Takoyaki (3)

Battered dough balls with octopus with Japanese mayo




Vegetable Gyoza (3) £2.50

Chicken Gyoza (3) £3.15

Prawn Gyoza (3) £3.75


Ebi Katsu (2) £4.85

Horse Mackarel Katsu (2) £5.85



Satori’s own six hour teriyaki sauce containing sake, mirin, soya sauce, chicken stock & seasoning


Chicken Teriyaki £8.95

Salmon Teriyaki £11.20

Prawn Teriyaki £11.20

Unagi Ju £11.20



Ever tried Japanese java curry? It’s mild but spicy, made in our own kitchens & full of flavours. Choose Japanese chilli seasoning from the options if you like a kick to your curry or our scotch bonnet oil for those who like their curry extra hot


Tori Katsu Curry

Chicken breast fillet in Japanese breadcrumbs served with curry sauce & rice



Ebi Katsu Curry

Four very large tiger prawns in Japanese breadcrumbs served with curry sauce on rice



Pumpkin Katsu Curry

Fried pumpkin croquets served with curry sauce on rice



Kare Pan (5)

Hugely popular in Japan as street food, Japanese curry bread with crispy panko on the outside & a juicy curry filling inside



Tofu Curry

Fried tofu blocks served with curry sauce on rice




Salmon Katsu Curry

Salmon fillet in Japanese breadcrumbs served with curry sauce on rice



The Flamed Salmon Collection


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