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Covid-19 Policy • 28/05/20


  1. Each of our chefs now have their own kitchen and work alone. 

  2. Our drivers are full-time employees of Satori and not third party drivers. They are fully briefed and trained for contact-free delivery. 

  3. Orders are taken online only, no contact with the public. 

  4. Payment is done via debit/credit card only, no cash payment. 

  5. All staff come to work individually using private transport. Masks are worn at all times. 

  6. In accordance with our health & safety measures, kitchen gloves continue to be worn at all times. 

  7. All kitchens are fitted with livestream cameras for quality control. 

  8. All staff have been told to isolate for 2 weeks if a member of their household shows symptoms of Covid-19. In the event of staff showing symptoms themselves, they are instructed to self-isolate for 2 weeks after recovery. 

  9. All staff will be tested regularly as soon as tests become available. 

  10. These guidelines will be reviewed and updated on a weekly basis as and when more information becomes available. 


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Contact-free Delivery • 18/03/20

In response to the nation's health concerns, you can now request for contact-free delivery when ordering via Deliveroo or Just Eat. 

Rest assured that on top of our strict hygiene standards, we make our own deliveries and all our drivers are instructed to collect outside the kitchens as a further safety precaution.  Our kitchens are independent therefore they have no contact with walk-in customers or handling of cash on premises.

This is a worrying time for everyone, and we are all working hard during these challenging times and are committed to helping communities in which we work. We will continue doing our part to keep everyone as safe as possible. 

Team Satori

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